Emma LoPinto

Another fantastic shoot, the synergy began with Emma from the moment we started capturing each moment together. Working collectively allowed me to bring the very best out of Emma, using a fun approach of direction and mentoring with a passion and excitement throughout the session and allowed me to nurture the very best of Emma. The charm and edginess of these photographs express themselves in rhythm.

About My Photography

My photography captures a moment in time - a split-second that remains locked in time often abstracted and completely random. It is in these moments I see potential element, shape, abstraction, and life in colour, inspiration before the moment fades to grey into the past disappearing forever.

My creative portrait photography services provide a beautiful and unique perspective of people with passion and imagination that will have your portfolio catching the eye of family, friends and the world. Take a look around at my work, I promise you'll find yourself in wonder of the possibilities for you.

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Baby, Toddler, High School Senior, College Grade, Model, Actor, Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, your Family Photography.

The simple act of smiling can communicate warmth, welcome, and love and pave the way to unique and beautiful experiences and it is for these moments we live. I think the most beautiful portraits are taken in a fun relaxed atmosphere when you forget where you are and that you are even being photographed.

Your portrait session will be fun, unique and completely customized to your vision. We work together on your session from start to end!

Ryleigh Alexis Haggerty

You never know quite what to expect, so as always some coffee to get into the zone and soak up the atmosphere of Central Avenue. The rain has decided to visit and so we had to drag it around with us, however, it didn’t stop the crew, Mum enjoyed some exciting behind the scenes Kodak moments and Dad with the umbrella and our protector. Ryleigh was the complete professional and clearly a model in the making, with each new moment I could see the essence of some incredible photography and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Let Your Inner Beauty and Strength Shine

High School Senior Investments

Your portrait session will be completely customized to your vision. I think the most beautiful portraits are taken in a fun relaxed atmosphere! We work together on your session from beginning to end! We can meet for coffee, or chat on the phone discussing the perfect location(s), outfits, props, and whatever else comes to mind!

  • 45 Minute Session
  • 5 Remastered Photographs
  • FREE Senior Photography Welcome Magazine
  • Single Location
  • Single Outfit
  • 2 Hour Session
  • 12 Remastered Photographs
  • FREE Senior Photography Welcome Magazine
  • 1 Additional Location
  • 2 Outfit Changes
  • 1 Hour 30 Minute Session
  • 8 Remastered Photographs
  • FREE Senior Photography Welcome Magazine
  • Single Location
  • 1 Outfit Change

MIchael T.E Bowen

Michael is my Son and what better way to exercise his imagination than to put him in ​front of the camera and let him see the magic take place. Michael is a talented artist in his own right and consistently​ pushes the limits of his work. As Michael says himself, I have a very artistic eye when it comes to photography and knows how to capture the best shots and how to use the environment around him to his advantage.

Maddie McConachy

Meeting Maddie for the first time I could tell it was going to be fun and seemed a perfect opportunity to bring out Maddie’s lovely character. At first, she was quite shy but with every camera shot, she started to relax and enjoy each moment we were capturing. It was very obvious that Maddie’s beauty shined through the lens, she was an absolute natural by the end of the shoot. I learnt a lot working with Maddie and I am extremely proud of the amazing art we created together.


What People are Saying

{It was amazing, to say the least. Darren was so patient and kind. It was a 90-degree day but he never complained! Darren has an eye for unique angles and knows every “cool spot” around the Charlotte area and beyond. He captured my daughter Maddie to a T! I will recommend him to anyone!
Jennifer McConachy
An Eye for Unique Angles!
{Darren Bowen went above and beyond our expectations for our daughter’s Senior pictures. The perfect balance of professionalism and fun and friendly. Darren was so professional and had brilliant ideas but also graciously accommodated any that we or our daughter had.
Regan Haggerty
Professional and Brilliant!
{Darren is a wonderfully intuitive artist, with an ability to magnify and amplify the life inside his subject. He is a wonderful person who makes it very fun and enjoyable to share his creative space and his company. I highly recommend Darren for any kind of photoshoot.
Lachlan Wills
Magnify and Amplify Life!
{Darren did our family photos. He was great to work with and they turned out great! We are very thankful for him capturing those memories!
Laura Rahal
Great to Work With
{Thank you seems so small and just not enough for him to truly understand my level of appreciation. Darren graciously volunteered to be the photographer at a benefit for Mackenzie Lynn Barron, a 3-year-old diagnosed with DIPG incurable, non-treatable brain cancer. Darren is the most kind-hearted, generous man. His level of professionalism is beyond measure and he was able to capture the day for us with little direction from me.
Allison Dudek Marshall
Memories For Us to Cherish Forever.
{Darren Bowen is an energetic and eclectic photographer! I had a wonderful time celebrating my 60th birthday with a photo session by Darren. I loved the way he expressed who I am through his artistic eye. The pictures turned out so colorful and vibrant. I loved the great eclectic location Darren picked out for me.
Charlene Lendino
Energetic and Eclectic!
{We did a family photo shoot two weeks ago. The photos came out great. He is very professional and friendly. I would recommend him for any outdoor photography! He has a great eye.
Nicole Blakey
Very Professional and Friendly
{Darren did such an amazing job with my bridal portraits. He was able to create such magical memories with my photos, that cannot thank him enough for. He was also such a pleasure to work with, making the environment relaxing and fun!
Macy Barnhill
Wildest Dreams Brought to Life!
{Darren recently did my wedding photography and I couldn't have asked for someone better. He was there from start to finish and captured our special day. The images turned out amazing and everyone that has seen them has said great things about Darren's work.
Macy Harris
Your Special Moments!!
{Darren Bowen did a great job of taking my senior pictures. Beforehand, he really got to know who I was and was able to let my personality shine throughout the photography session. Darren made sure my senior pictures were exactly what I envisioned. He allowed me to have fun and be goofy, in order to really get the best pictures and the best experience.
Meghan Mann
Exactly What I Envisioned!
{Darren photographed our band Esther and the Exiles on location at Camp North End. We had a truly enjoyable time working with him. His unique, creative style and artistic vision were truly inspiring.
Esther Alcamo
Unique, Creative Style and Artistic Vision!
{Had a blast brotha! Loved working with you, you’re the real deal... Great conversations.
Israel Gore
The Real Deal!
{Holy Peppermint Sticks Santa has chosen photographer Darren Bowen because of his Unique and Honest approach to bringing out the best of his subjects. Together we think we can create a Magical Experience for Children young and old alike. Come join us as we spread the spirit of Christmas throughout the year.
Santa Claus
Magical Experience!
{Darren inspires ingenuity with his incredible vision. Esther and the Exiles experienced this at a recent Camp North End photo shoot. His eclectic expessions enhanced the experience to produce stellar works of art!
Salvatore Alcamo
Genuity with Incredible Vision!
{I am very happy for the beautiful photoshoot, he is very creative and professional thanks, Darren!
Natalia Molina
Very Creative and Professional

Over the years I have enjoyed reading the reactions and heartfelt feelings of customers, it truly is humbling when I read such incredible thoughts and feelings. Whether you are a customer or just a fan of my work I would love to hear your testimony; I’ve even included the category “I Just Love Your Photography” to cover the voice of fans everywhere.

Darren Bowen Photography

My photography captures a moment in time - a split-second that remains locked in time often abstracted and completely random. It is in these moments I see potential element, shape, abstraction, and life in colour, inspiration before the moment fades to grey into the past disappearing forever.