Photography Locations

Rock Hill, SC USA

Although some European settlers had already arrived in the Rock Hill area in the 1830s and 1840s, Rock Hill did not become an actual town until the Charlotte and South Carolina Railroad Company made the decision to send a rail line through the area. Some of Rock Hill’s early founding families believed that having a rail depot so close to them would be advantageous.

Photography Location

It's always about location, location, location; a graffiti wall or a lonely corner, a beautiful field of sunflowers or an alley leading to an end, there are so many unfrequented or unknown opportunities that make amazing and unique photography.

Let's Walk Together

Let's walk and talk around town together creating unique and creative moments just for you. The experience and photography will leave you with some amazing memories that will last forever. Let's book some time together.

Photography Locations

Waxhaw, NC USA

The original inhabitants of the region were a Native American people group known alternately as either the Wysacky or the Waxhaws. The arrival of the railroad in 1888 created access to the markets of Atlanta and helped the town reach prosperity. The railroad tracks were laid through the center of town to show the importance of the railroad system to the community.