Spurgeon Perkins

Working with Spurgeon was a unique experience for me. I am normally booked for my creativity and unique vision that I bring to my work. ​This was a new level that caused my creativity and uniqueness to find the discipline in headshots that ultimately would be used by talent scouts and movie agents. It was a very interesting and rewarding photoshoot.

About My Photography

My photography captures a moment in time - a split-second that remains locked in time often abstracted and completely random. It is in these moments I see potential element, shape, abstraction, and life in colour, inspiration before the moment fades to grey into the past disappearing forever.

My creative portrait photography services provide a beautiful and unique perspective of people with passion and imagination that will have your portfolio catching the eye of family, friends and the world. Take a look around at my work, I promise you'll find yourself in wonder of the possibilities for you.

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Baby, Toddler, High School Senior, College Grade, Model, Actor, Engagement, Bridal, Wedding, your Family Photography.

The simple act of smiling can communicate warmth, welcome, and love and pave the way to unique and beautiful experiences and it is for these moments we live. I think the most beautiful portraits are taken in a fun relaxed atmosphere when you forget where you are and that you are even being photographed.

Your portrait session will be fun, unique and completely customized to your vision. We work together on your session from start to end!


Lauren Ashley

I was asked by a good friend if I would be able to take a headshot for a friend of his, Ashley was the first of many creative headshots I would take for my clients. There is nothing more rewarding when you see your creative vision become a reality on the professional profile of your clients LinkedIn.

Let Your Inner Beauty and Strength Shine

Creative Headshot Investments

  • 30 Minute Session
  • 2 Remastered Photographs
  • Single Location
  • Single Outfit
  • 60 Minute Session
  • 7 Remastered Photographs
  • Single Location
  • Single Outfit
  • 45 Minute Session
  • 4 Remastered Photographs
  • Single Location
  • Single Outfit