Santa’s Toy Workshop Christmas Portraits

Experience the magic and happiness that Santa brings; this year, come and meet Santa in his magical toy workshop and experience the stories from the Night Before Christmas, see Rudolph’s photos growing up, hear about the flight plan on Christmas eve, and how Santa navigates the skies.

Getting Results to Beat Childhood Cancer

Photographer Darren Bowen and Santa Claus join FOX46 Good Day Charlotte Anchor Jason Harper to talk about how they’re joining forces to help get results and beat Childhood Cancer.

About My Photography

My creative portrait photography services provide a beautiful and unique perspective of people with a passion and imagination that will let your portfolio catch the eye of your family and friends. Take a look around at my work, I promise that you will find yourself wondering about the possibilities.

Emma LoPinto

Another fantastic shoot, the synergy began with Emma from the moment we started capturing each moment together. Working collectively allowed me to bring the very best out of Emma, using a fun approach of direction and mentoring with a passion and excitement throughout the session and allowed me to nurture the very best of Emma. The charm and edginess of these photographs express themselves in rhythm.

Lachlan Wills

I met Lachlan at Rush espresso; charming bloke and seemed interested in having the opportunity to work with me and express his amazing presence and love of life on camera. As a television presenter working around the globe it was my pleasure to land the chance to go play in some mud with big diggers and get the very best out of Lachlan and as he says himself – magnify and amplify the life inside the subject. A lovely bloke with the most distinctive Aussie accent!

Israel Gore

Working with Israel was somewhat unique, clearly, a passion for music and visuals and it was clear that he was breathing ideas. With my passion for imagery, abstraction and those moments that only occur once in a lifetime, I proudly present what I believe to be one of the best creative portrait photography sessions of the 2018 season. Let me introduce Israel Gore, a musician with immense talent and a style that could easily be found from the 1950’s.

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Your portrait session will be completely customized to your vision. I think the most beautiful portraits are taken in a fun relaxed atmosphere! We work together on your session from beginning to end! We can meet for coffee, or chat on the phone to discuss the perfect location(s), outfits, props, and whatever else comes to mind!

Creative Retail & Commercial

Get a unique and creative edge with me. I have been providing creative retail and product photography services to independent businesses with passion and imagination that will catch the eye of your current and future customers. Take a look around, see the possibilities and let’s take your photography to a crazy new level.

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Do you want your business and products to look like this? Your commercial​ session will be completely customized to your vision. I think the most successful sessions are taken in a relaxed but professional atmosphere! We will work together on your vision from beginning to end to identify how we should capture your business and passion for your products.

Darren Bowen Photography Shop

We believe wandering around an art gallery is pure inspiration. So check out our current collections and pick your favourite piece. All our photography is available as wall hangings on canvases and fine art paper, greeting, invitation and note cards, classic, two-tone and combo coffee mugs and personal device covers, professional cases as well as laptop protective skins and sleeves.

Darren Bowen Photography

My photography captures a moment in time - a split-second that remains locked in time often abstracted and completely random. It is in these moments I see potential element, shape, abstraction, and life in colour, inspiration before the moment fades to grey into the past disappearing forever.