Emma LoPinto

Another fantastic shoot, the synergy began with Emma from the moment we started capturing each moment together. Working collectively allowed me to bring the very best out of Emma, using a fun approach of direction and mentoring with a passion and excitement throughout the session and allowed me to nurture the very best of Emma. The charm and edginess of these photographs express themselves in rhythm.

Raising Money for Childhood Cancer

 You are officially invited to visit and meet Santa

Experience the magic and happiness that Santa brings; this year, come and meet Santa in his magical toy workshop and experience the stories from the Night Before Christmas, see Rudolph’s photos growing up, hear about the flight plan on Christmas eve, and how Santa navigates the skies.

Exclusive Christmas Portraits

Holy Peppermint Sticks Santa has chosen photographer Darren Bowen because of his Unique and Honest approach to bringing out the best of his subjects.

Come join Santa for a unique interactive photoshoot – experience the Night Before Christmas as told by Santa himself to raise money for Childhood cancer and have the chance to WIN an exclusive home visit from Santa himself.

Israel Gore


Working with Israel was somewhat unique, clearly, a passion for music and visuals and it was clear that he was breathing ideas. With my passion for imagery, abstraction and those moments that only occur once in a lifetime, I proudly present what I believe to be one of the best creative portrait photography sessions of the 2018 season. Let me introduce Israel Gore, a musician with immense talent and a style that could easily be found from the 1950’s.